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  • Virtual: 2nd Annual Appalachian Basin Geophysical Symposium

Virtual: 2nd Annual Appalachian Basin Geophysical Symposium

  • June 02, 2021
  • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Virtual Event


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2nd Annual Appalachian Basin Geophysical Symposium

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Bob A. Hardage

The Converted-P Mode: Valuable, already in Your Possession, Not Utilized

Bob A. Hardage received a PhD in physics from Oklahoma State University. His thesis work focused on high-velocity  micro-meteoroid impact on space vehicles, which required trips to Goddard Space Flight Center to do finite-  difference modeling on dedicated computers. Upon completing his university studies, he worked at Phillips  Petroleum Company for 23 years and was Exploration Manager for Asia and Latin America when he left Phillips. He  moved to WesternAtlas and worked 3 years as Vice President of Geophysical Development and Marketing. He then  established a multicomponent seismic research laboratory at the Bureau of Economic Geology and served The  University of Texas at Austin as a Senior Research Scientist for 28 years. He has published books on VSP,cross-well  profiling, seismic stratigraphy, and multicomponent seismic technology. He was the first person to serve 6 years on  the Board of Directors of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG). His Board service was as SEG Editor (2  years), followed by 1-year terms as First VP,President Elect, President, and Past President. SEG hasawarded him a  Special Commendation, Life Membership, and Honorary Membership. He wrote the AAPG Explorer column on  geophysics for 6 years. AAPG honored him with a Distinguished Service award for promoting geophysics among the geological community.



Joel Starr, President

Geophysical Society of Pittsburgh


Maximizing Value from Investment in Geophysics: Expensive Luxury or Cheap Insurance?

Nancy House (Integrated Geophysical Interpretations Inc., LLC)


Optimization of Unconventional reservoirs Using Fiber Optic Distributed Sensing

J. Andreas Chavarria* and Todd Brown (OptaSence)


Fracture Type Identification for Real-Time Pumping Parameters Optimization to Maximize Hydraulic Fracturing Surface Area for Production

Thomas Johnson (ShearFRAC)


The Converted-P Mode: Valuable, already in Your Possession, Not Utilized

Bob A. Hardage - Keynote Speaker


Seismic + neural network + wells + (some science) = pore pressure

Marianne Rauch* and Mike Perz (TGS)


Machine Learning Techniques for Prediction of Brittleness from Geophysical Logs and Seismic Signal in an Unconventional Reservoir

Tobi Ore* and Dengliang Gao, Department of Geology and Geography (West Virginia University)


Understanding the Pressure Regimes in the Lower Tertiary Wilcox in the GoM

Jakob Heller (Ikon Science Americas)


Adventures in Drilling Chapter 13: Overcoming seismic pitfalls while horizontally developing the Marcellus in the Alleghany Structural Front

M. Evelyn Hudson (Inflection Energy LLC)


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