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Virtual GSP April Meeting & Technical Lecture

  • April 06, 2021
  • 12:00 PM
  • Virtual Meeting


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11:50 AM Zoom meeting opens

12:00 Noon Joel Starr will begin the meeting

12:15  Lecture begins

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Mappable Fracture Monitoring Utilizing Seismic Shear and Fluid Oscillations with Controlled Seismic Sources - ‘FracMon’

Robert (Bob) Brune, Geophysical Consultant

These frac monitoring techniques are presented here as a significant step forward, available today to guide improved frac completions.  These pilot surveys showed actionable results with significant economic impact:  well sequencing, pumping rates, volumes, proppant load, and additives can be impacted in near real time.  There are potentially further economic benefits in design regarding well, stage, and cluster spacing.  This technology has the potential to monitor the evolution of the effective SRV through any soak period, flowback, and initial production.  There are also future technology development paths for enhancements, refinements, and likely surprises!

      However, significant commercial issues are problematic:  this is new technology, it’s unfamiliar to staff, frac plans are not readily altered, …  At this time, this new technology is effectively an ‘orphan’.  No E&P Operator, nor any Service Company is presently an advocate for this technology.

About our preseter:   Robert (Bob) Brune is a Geophysical Consultant with a broad technical background in Geophysics and Oil & Gas.  In recent years he has been focused on various fundamental technology issues, including rotational seismic, HSE issues, elastic wave, seismic acquisition technology, as well as fracture monitoring. He has approached frac monitoring technology from several vantage points, based on his background and experience:

His experience in the oil and gas industry includes work in Exploration (including as an Exploration Mgr. for Sohio); Production (Mgr. of Regional Field Development in Alaska for BP); and in Technology (Mgr. of Geophysical Technical Services and R&D for Sohio).

     His experience in the service industry includes work at GSI and at TGS (President, Offshore; and Chief Geophysicist), as well as consulting work for various companies, particularly in S. America.  

     His experience at the U.S.G.S. in Menlo Park, CA. included work on seismic sources.   

     Robert has a B.S. in Geology (U. of Missouri at Rolla; National Merit Scholar; graduated at 19); an M.S. in Geophysics (Stanford University; NSF scholarship; inaugural group of SEP consortium); and an M.S. in Computer Systems (U. of Denver).  His Petroleum Engineering educational background is from Colo. School of Mines.


Download GSP Newsletter wiith Session Abstract.

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